Sunday, August 7, 2011

200,000 mile journey..the tale of one man and his Tercel

      Eons ago, when the world was new, a young man ventured forth to find a conveyance. His former conveyance had been nearly destroyed by the invading hordes from the east and he needed something that would withstand the harsh realities of life in that unforgiving land. His trusty steed delivered him with her final breath to the land where her kind roamed free.( ..well, not really free but 11,995 mrp) and he set about finding the one.
     He strode into the place where men wore the finest cloth and traded in the finest things. It may have said "Germain Toyota" but was but a stones throw from Vahalla . He went to the top merchant and proclaimed "Give me the greatest stallion in the world!" The merchant was obviously taken aback by this man clad in the sky blue garment which bore the emblem of his people proudly on the lapel. The emblem, that of an eagle perched gloriously, told the merchant that this man of action was not to be trifled with. He knew only one thing could satisfy the travelers needs....he pointed fearfully towards the beast to his left and said those words only he was fated to say.
     " I giveth thee...The 1996 Toyota Tercel in Platinum Metallic!"
     The Man gently shoved the merchant aside and moved towards the beast. His eyes aglow as never before..(..well there was this '72 Mustang Mach II, but that is a different tale) , he reached out and touched her. Warm and inviting in the summer sun, she whispered to him " I shall take thee wherever thy wisheth to..uh...go..eth." He turned to the shrinking merchant who had by now been nearly blinded by the glow of their combined energy and commanded " Wrap it up! "
     I could go on forever with the adventures these two soulmates shared. The harsh Columbus winters. The perilous South Carolina summers. How very early they tried to repo...uh, steal her away from him and his trip to the land of Kentucky to rescue her. The people whose lives they either touched or saved or given rides to bars to. The day when the front seat was finally evacuated! Ah, how they shone that day! The repairs and all the near misses. The speeding tickets...well, not many. It is a Tercel. These were the stuff of legend.

      Then, today, the 7th day of August. In the year of someones lord 2011. At 6:32pm est. Riding down Windsor Forest Blvd in Florence, South Carolina in the United States of America on Planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy of the Multiverse, the two of them glided...Yea I say GLIDED to the 200,000 mile mark on the odometer!!
     I would like to thank all of those people who stood by me and my baby when the odds were stacked against us. As for those who derided and doubted us. Phoooey! Who is up for 300K?

(...uh, however, if there is someone out there who wishes to trade this baby for a cherry 1972 Mustang Mach II hit my email!)

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  1. LOL!! You still have this car! Gosh I remember when.. well you know... way back when you were constantly fixing on that car...many times it was broke down in the driveway....LOL!! Love the story and how you gave her/him a personality!