Monday, October 17, 2011

What Party?

     Okay, here it is. Some people have asked me what is my "party" affiliation. Am I a Democrat or a Republican? Libertarian or octogenarian? Well, I am here to tell U right now that I am a.....individual.(GASP!)
I have this wacky idea that a person does not have be part of a party( ...really though, if they were actual  parties they would be much more fun.) to have opinions. I pretty much eschew the whole idea. Look, if U want to be part of something and want your views spoon-fed to U then go right ahead. Honestly there is nothing wrong with that. Your choice. I prefer to not be told what my position should be.( I do prefer some positions over others but that is a WHOLE other blog, meant to be read with a 40oz of premium malt liquor and an old Ray Parker Jr. record...)
     I do have to admit that I have some fairly liberal leans in some areas and conservative in others. I am pro choice but it is strange but the more money I make the less I want to tax higher incomes hmmm? Weird. I guess at some point, if U make enuf cash U eventually become "the man!" I still think that the bailouts were not the worst idea but man those dudes shoulda been put in jail afterwards when they used some of that money for "golden parachutes" , bonuses, and company getaways! But we must remember that the same guys who would have to go after them are the same guys who spend millions of dollars chasing steroid users and who authorize their own raises. I would love, for once, for them to say " I know we did a sh***y job last year so we will not only decline to take a raise but hell, we are gonna take a pay cut."
     This is but a small sample of what I think about some of the issues but to sum it up I will say that the problem is not one of liberalism or conservitism  or Tea Party or whatever, it is us. The whole system is broken but if U think that replacing it with something different will make it better, unless u eliminate the main problem, U are taking a whiz in the wind. The main problem is U. Me. All of us people. As long as human beings are in charge whether it is one, a few, or a bunch, we will never have a fair and equal system. Fact!
       Unless that person is me, of course....or maybe one of those Terminator type machines. Or perhaps...I AM one of those machines? Beep boop bop bop boop!

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